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Cég neve: EUwork Kft. (Bárhol)

Our partner is a fast growing technology company and well known in London. They are looking for candidates for the following positions.

Salary: from £ 30 000 upto £ 40 000, depends on experience
További információk:
UX/UI and graphic design (Immediately):
• Has 3+ years of prior experience in interaction design, or has earned a degree in design or HCI
• Is passionate about interaction design and constantly analyzes other product’s experiences
• Is familiar with interaction design principles and software development methodologies
• Can combine business and end-user goals to solve real-world problems
• Visual design skills will be important
• Ability to do some coding in HTML, CSS, javascript will be a bonus

IOS/Android developer:
• A true passion and curiosity for all things mobile
• Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience
3+ years native app development (iOS SDK)
3+ years software engineering experience
• An open source mindset

Java Senior developer:
• At least 5 years experience
Software design and development experience on the JVM
• Java 7 (we are working with Java8, so any understanding of functional programming concepts would be advantageous)
• Experience with web technologies an advantage(Javascript, AngularJS)
• Pationate about learning new technologies, i.e. Play/Akka (any experience advantageous, but must be willing to learn otherwise)
• Passionate about producing robust, clean and manageable code, and write unit tests.
• Experience with databases (any NoSQL advantageous, i.e MongoDB)
• Knowledge of virtualisation and cloud platforms, i.e. Azure advantageous.
• Any Linux/iOS experience would be advantageous.

If you are interested in the position please send us your English CV to rita@euwork.hu.

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